At Primus Security, our objective is protecting what's important to you. Using state of the art solutions to fit your specific needs. Our company stands ready to provide multiple levels of service that will fit your budget and your operational goals.
Once you have selected Primus Security to take over your existing system or provide a new solution for you, expect a continual professional service, we are here for you now and ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Primus prides itself on taking a consultative approach to providing solutions and seeks to ensure our clients are able to make informed decisions as to their project requirements. As the technology servicing the Security Industry is constantly evolving, Primus Security is committed to providing clients with the latest technologies and professional expertise.
Simply put, when choosing a trusted security provider, we want our customers to clearly understand their purchase and see that an investment made today will have lasting returns through the days, months and years to come.
Let Primus Security be that trusted advisor that you can look to when you need to reduce loss, provide for employee safety and monitor productivity.
Nick Murray

“We're a family owned and operated Security Installation Company. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your security risks and develop solutions! " 

Nick Murray